Saturday, May 7, 2016

Free Windows 10 upgrade ends in July

We all know how far Microsoft has been pushing users to upgrade to Windows 10, but now they have one more reason to help users make up their mind: the free Windows 10 upgrade is coming to an end.

Although Microsoft would like every Windows 7/8 user to upgrade to Windows 10, it isn't easy to convince everyone to do so, either for fearing something might go wrong, or simply because they're postponing it for as long as they can. Well, you won't be able to do so for much longer, as you'll have till the end of July to upgrade to Windows 10 for free; afterwards, you'll have to buy Windows 10 Home... for $119.

Though sometimes we may come across as being "anti-Windows 10", let me assure you it's not the case. Most people will be better served with Windows 10 (even if they might require a short adaptation period) and it won't take them long to consider Windows 10 their new favorite Windows ever. In the odd case something does go wrong, you'll still have the chance to revert back to your previous Windows installation - though it's highly recommended you also make sure to have your backups up to data (look at it as an excellent test case to restore your system should things get out of hand.)

I can imagine Windows 10 user base to jump by a few extra millions in the end of July (as I'm sure they'll still wait till the last day to upgrade) - but there's one final point: I understand this termination date is a big pressure point for users to upgrade to Windows 10; but Microsoft should really start offering Windows 10 Home for free or at a very low symbolic price. If they want Windows 10 to become more "mobile-like", then they should also make it more alike in the price for end users (Windows 10 for mobile devices under 7" is free.)

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