Friday, May 20, 2016

Google's Awareness API will let apps better handle different circumstances

Our lives are hardly digital. So, it makes perfect sense for Google to create a Awareness API that will ease the development of apps that can better adjust to different circumstances.

Don't you feel constrained by things like having to set an alarm, that will buzz at the exact same time every day of the week, regardless of you going to bed late or on time, or having to go to work earlier or later? With the new Awareness API developers can account for a wide range of conditions, like time, date, location, weather, activities, etc. and adjust how their apps behave.

For instance, an alarm app can figure out you've worked late the day before and that your first meeting is later in the morning, and allow you to sleep for an extra hour or so. In other example, a weather app might know you're near a TV screen at home, and cast the weather report to it as you pass by it in the morning.

These things are already possible now, but they would require developers to tap into many different areas and take care of the raw processing of data - that will now be greatly simplified by this new API. I can already envision a beacon enabled umbrella, and an app alerting you not to leave home without it should it forecast rain. :)

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