Saturday, May 21, 2016

Testl updates summon feature to prevent further accusations

Tesla says its car didn't do anything wrong on the case where it was accused it crashed autonomously while parked, but it seems to want to eliminate similar cases in the future via an update that relies even further on driver's commands.

Summon mode allows a driver to park or unpark a car from possible tight spaces remotely, and it had already been updated before, so that users had to keep pressing a button on their smartphones for the car to move, stopping as soon as they let it go. With this new update, drivers will have to manually select which direction the car should move, putting them more in control (and hopefully - for Tesla - stop the incidents that car "moved by itself").

It's a small reminder that, no matter how intelligent a car may become, there's still lots to do till they can surpass our awareness; even though, in other cases, there's no arguing that cars can already be more "aware" than us, and keep that awareness at 100% every instant - unlike humans - as long as it's things detected by its sensors (should Teslas have a LIDAR scanning its surroundings in 3D, that crash wouldn't have happened.)

Just to end, one thing all other car manufacturers could/should learn from Tesla, would be it's remote updates that can continuously improve the car (as well as fix bugs) without requiring car owners to drive to the nearest service center.

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