Monday, May 23, 2016

Waverly Lab's Pilot aims to translate conversations in real time

How would you feel about a small earpiece that would allow you to understand any spoken language in the world? That's what Pilot aims to do, bringing us one step closer to the kind of devices we see in sci-fi movies.

Let's start by looking around us. Though we may feel we live in a world where English is a "common language", I'm sorry to tell you that's just an illusion. English is spoken by just 5% of the world population; and that alone should help us understand the need for "understanding" other languages. That's what Waverly Labs hopes to do with its Pilot earpiece.

The idea of plugging in a earpiece and understand other languages sounds great, but in this case the magic isn't really in the earpieces. You'll still need a smartphone, running its app, and the earpiece is basically just an earpiece. So, it's not really such a big revolution when compared to Skype's and Google Translate real-time translations - though removing the smartphone as a barrier between people talking sure makes for a much better experience (provided it works as announced.)

Pilot will be arriving on Indiegogo shortly, and you should take the usual precaution regarding crowdfunded projects (and a bit extra more, as it's heading to Indiegogo, preferred platform for most scam projects.)

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