Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Microsoft to stop nagging you to upgrade to Windows 10 in July

Tired of seeing the Windows 10 upgrade notice popup every day? That's about to stop... you'll just have to wait till the end of the free Windows 10 upgrade period in July.

We've talked about the intrusive ways Microsoft has decided to push the Windows 10 free upgrade notices, that have even popped up on live TV - with no official way to stop them (would it be so hard to give users an option to "never ask me again" or "remind me in a couple of week", instead of asking us every single day?)

But, that's about to end at last. Once the free upgrade period ends, Microsoft will remover the Windows 10 nagware reminders from Windows 7/8 machines. Something that was to be expected, but that's better said (some users feared they'd forever have to live with a daily Windows 10 upgrade reminder, even when they'd have to pay for it.)

Sure, the end of the free Windows 10 upgrade is an enticing factor for all those still undecided regarding upgrading or not. But even if you don't plan using Windows 10 for, it's best to do so in order to be entitled to having it on your computer even if you later revert back to your previous Windows installation. For the most part, unless you find some awkward bug or missing drivers, there's really no reason for you not to use Windows 10. (Not that MS should be so pushy about it! :)

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