Monday, May 16, 2016

Ring Video Doorbell Pro showed users people ringing other houses

Having a "smart" video doorbell that can alert us when people are at our door wherever we are sounds great... until the moment it starts showing you who's ringing other people's doors.

The  Ring Video Doorbell Pro is such a device, bringing doorbells into the Internet of Things era, but a small glitch made some users see people ringing other homes. Fortunately, there were just a handful of incidentes among the millions of rings it processes each day, but the fact remains that bugs can indeed cause very weird things in the internet of things.

Just imagine that, instead of simply seeing who's at "your" door, the system allowed you to open the door remotely, and that you were suddenly able to open a stranger's front door. Though this is the sort of thing that can already happen digitally (imagine entering your Facebook page and finding out you have access to someone else's page) it sure becomes a lot scarier when it jumps into the real, physical world.

Companies will have to take extra care and implement all the possible security measures to prevent that from happening. But sooner or later, I'm certain we'll hear more and more cases of this "scary things" (just like the cameras that are unsuspectingly streaming people's homes for the entire internet to see.)

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