Saturday, May 14, 2016

Opera gets Power Saving mode

Opera has introduced yet another new feature, a Power Saving mode, and it may help you extend you laptop battery life for several hours.

The Opera browser may not be as popular as Chrome, but it regularly brings us some nifty features we can't find in other browsers (just recently it added an integrated VPN). And now it does it again with a Power Saving mode, for now available in the developer preview version. We're used to seeing power saving modes available system-wide, but considering the browser is probably the program you use the most and keep open at all times, it makes perfect sense to add such a feature.

When the Power Saving mode is enabled, Opera reduces the processing power on background tabs and applies a different set of rules to reduce power use, and you should definitely notice it. Some people report this mode extended it's battery life 2 to 3 hours, which is more than enough for you to keep using your browser and do what you have to do.

Sure, other browsers are also doing what they can do conserve power (Chrome has recently began suspending background tabs to save memory, for instance), but just like the data saving mode... Opera's usually much more efficient.

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