Thursday, May 12, 2016

Self-crashing Tesla sets record straight

As cars get more intelligent there's also a growing number of reports that they might misbehave - such as a driver that said his Tesla decided to crash all by itself while he wasn't even around. But Tesla has records that prove otherwise.

People seem to forget cars are actually "computers on wheels" that keep constant records of what's happening, and Teslas even more so. In this case, we're not watching a Christine remake, but simply an unintended consequence of the activation of the self-parking summon mode.

Tesla has looked into the car logs and retold what happened, second by second:
Unfortunately, these warnings were not heeded in this incident. The vehicle logs confirm that the automatic Summon feature was initiated by a double-press of the gear selector stalk button, shifting from Drive to Park and requesting Summon activation. The driver was alerted of the Summon activation with an audible chime and a pop-up message on the center touchscreen display. At this time, the driver had the opportunity to cancel the action by pressing CANCEL on the center touchscreen display; however, the CANCEL button was not clicked by the driver. In the next second, the brake pedal was released and two seconds later, the driver exited the vehicle. Three seconds after that, the driver's door was closed, and another three seconds later, Summon activated pursuant to the driver's double-press activation request. Approximately five minutes, sixteen seconds after Summon activated, the vehicle's driver's-side front door was opened again. The vehicle's behavior was the result of the driver's own actions and as you were informed through multiple sources regarding the Summon feature, the driver is always responsible for the safe operation and for maintaining proper control of the vehicle.

Even though cars can (and do have) bugs we wish they hadn't one must also keep in mind they can keep a detailed log of what is happening at each moment in time. And should you want to blame it for doing something strange... it's more likely authorities (and insurance companies) will take its log file over your word.

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