Thursday, June 30, 2016

Find the secret "Ok Google" voice commands you didn't know about

Voice commands are slowly becoming more popular, but do you know everything you can ask Google assistant to do for you?

Thanks to the "Ok Google" keyword, Google puts a lot of power just a question away. Even though there are lots of places where talking to your phone might not be appropriate, there are lots others where it is. I myself use it a lot while writing blog posts, as a dollar to euro conversion (or vice-versa) is just a question away, as well as facts about people, places, devices, etc.

But, while most people are well aware Google's voice assistant can do that, as well as ask for the weather forecast, there are lots more things it can do - some of which you might have no idea about. Thankfully, this Ok Google command list let us realize the extent of its full potential.

The commands are listed under different categories, ranging from people and relationships to maps and navigation, and including math, translation, stocks, and lots other areas. You can even control your device by asking things such as "turn off bluetooth" or "increase brightness", or even ask it to "take a pictures" or "take a selfie".

It won't be hard to find out some commands you had no idea where just a spoken command away.

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