Friday, July 1, 2016

Windows finally allows users to decline Windows 10 update (1 month away from not having to anymore)

Microsoft seems to have the lousiest timing when it comes to do the things it should have done from the start. Now that we're less than a month away from the end of the Windows 10 free update period, it finally brings us a update window that is easier to understand and allows users to decline the offer.

From the very start MS was criticized for tricking users into unwillingly upgrading to Windows 10, and for not giving an option to stop being bothered by the daily reminders to do such an upgrade. Over the months, things become even more abusive, to the point where simply closing the window was interpreted as accepting that the update would go ahead. Something that already cost MS $10k.

Now - finally - Microsoft is about to launch a new update window that is much clear, allowing the user to upgrade right away, schedule it for later, or simply decline the offer. Precisely the way it should have always been from the start.

We use to say "better late than never" but in this case, this update arriving less than a month away from becoming unneeded (the free update period will end July 29th), I'm sorry to say it really is too late to make up for all the months of annoying Windows 10 popup reminders and the constant fear that, at any time, we might find our computer had unwillingly moved to Windows 10 by itself.

P.S. Keep in mind we have nothing against Windows 10 and strongly recommend everyone to update. Our problem is simply with the way MS handled the process, and not giving users the chance to stop being harassed.

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