Friday, June 3, 2016

TeamViewer may have been hacked - users at risk

TeamViewer is one of the most popular remote access services, letting users access their computers as if they were there even if they're halfway around the world - but that's also a big risk, should a hacker be able to access your computer as if it was you.

There have been multiple accounts by TeamViewer users stating hackers got into their computers and spent thousands of dollars - with some reporting to have actually caught them in the act, seeing "someone" accessing their computer live, and trying to login in sites like PayPal. If, like most people, you usually leave your accounts logged in in your own computer, that means the hacker could access them as well.

The accusation is that TeamViewer was hacked and hackers now have the capability to enter any TeamViewer accessible computer. But TeamViewer denies such claims, saying there's no security breach and this is caused by users sharing the same password across multiple sites - and that a leaked password from said sites allowed hackers to gain control of their TeamViewer account as well. (This wouldn't explain why some users using two-factor authentication say they've been targeted as well.)

To be safe, should you use TeamViewer, you might want to check your browser history to see if there's any suspicious activity, as well as the file download logs to check for tools like "WebBrowserPassView.exe" that can be used to grab your passwords.

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