Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Android gets spam caller detection

Answering an unknown caller is something most people are less likely to do, and Android's dialer will now give an helping hand in identifying potential spam callers.

Telemarketing and robocalls are one of today's most annoying signs of technology abuse, but Android is now trying to put a stop to it by labeling incoming calls as potential spam. Sure, there are other apps and services that can do similar things (and more), like Truecaller or Sync.me, but putting this feature right in front of users, even those unware of such apps, is a big step forward.

The Caller ID and spam protection option is available in the dialer preference section and is enabled by default. Whenever you get a spam called that doesn't show as spam, you can simply select it on the call history section and "block/report spam" as appropriate.

There's just one more thing... this feature is currently available only for Nexus and Android One devices. So, there's one more reason for you to consider choosing a Nexus over other smartphones next time you're looking for an Android smartphone.

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