Thursday, July 28, 2016

Apple sold 1 billion iPhones in less than a decade

The iPhone has changed the world, and Apple has just announced a nice round number to go with it: it has already sold one billion iPhones, and it took them less than a decade to do so.

Today, the iPhone is seen as a "common device" that makes part of our daily lives. It has become so ingrained that it's hard to remember just how things were before. Do you remember how Microsoft, Nokia, joked regarding the idea that Apple would launch a smartphone - and with no keys?

Well, fastforward 9 years, and the iPhone is seen as an "obvious" success that was a sure thing from the start (maybe because Nokia, BlackBerry, and Microsoft have been completely obliterated in the mobile market, where Android steadily grew to take over the world.) A billion iPhones is a milestone few other may hope to achieve, and it means Apple has been selling over 111 million iPhones per year, on average. That's over 300k iPhones sold per day (on average) since its beginning!

Now, eye are already set on the iPhone Apple will reveal next September and, more importantly, what they might come up with for next year's iPhone - which will celebrate it's 10th anniversary, and is expected to be a major leap forward just like the original iPhone was.

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