Friday, July 29, 2016

Street View app will let you be "available for hire" to snap 360º photos

Google's Street View is an excellent way to see the world just like you were there, no matter where you're actually at; and it will soon let you be hired to add even more photos to it.

The latest Street View app update comes with some new features. You can now select a satellite view instead of the regular map, just like we have on Google Maps, that will come handy when we're exploring an area where the map has no discernible reference points. However, unlike Google Maps, the option is hidden away in the Settings section, which is a major inconvenience should you need to switch back and forth (let's hope the next update fixes this and puts it in a more accessible spot.)

There are also some tiny design changes in the search results and icons (the "+" button now becomes a camera icon which better indicates its purpose); and last but not least, there's a new option that is quite curious, and lets users enable a "Available for hire" setting.

Google's hasn't still explained it, but it seems trusted contributors will be allowed to enable this setting and potentially be contacted to make some money snapping photos. From what can be seen in the app code, it seems applicants will need to have at least fifty 360º Google approved photos in order to be eligible for the program. So... in case you haven't and you're interested, better start working on it today.

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