Saturday, July 30, 2016

Project Wetbrush acurately simulates painting

There's no shortage of painting apps that can simulate different artistic styles. But Adobe and Nvidia partnered up to create a physically accurate painting simulation running in real time.

Instead of simply applying a visual "looks like a brush" effect, Project Wetbrush accurately simulates the density of the pain and its interaction with the brush, in 3D, recreating the tiny microscopic ridges we find in real paintings. The oil paint itself is also digitally recreated with parameters such as viscosity and how it dries over time, as well as how it behaves when layering up on top of itself or other colors.

Sure it won't replace the real thing, but it may allow many more aspiring artists to try out different techniques without having to spend as much money in paint, brushes and canvas - not to mention you'll be able to paint no matter where you are, and not have to worry about cleaning afterwards. :)

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