Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Portuguese Taxi offers Pokémon Go rides

Pokémon Go has become a worldwide phenomenon and in Portugal there are already some taxis that are trying to make the most out of it, by offering "Pokémon rides".

One such driver posted his offer on a popular site (think of its as Craiglist) promising to take up to 6 Pokémon GO players around Porto or other areas, at low speeds to allow them to catch Pokémon and visit all the PokéStops and gyms of their choosing - and also provides free internet access and power for their smartphones. The price is €20 per hour, which, for a group of 6 players turns into €3,33/hour/each.

More so, the driver himself also provides assistance to red team players if they want it.

[screenshot via @msilvame]

Taxi drivers are usually considered to be "averse" to new things and technology, but in this case there's at least one that isn't.

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