Monday, July 18, 2016

Women now get equal emoji rights

After promotion racial diversity by allowing us to choose different skin tones in emoji, the Unicode Consortium now gives one more step in allowing sexual equality as well.

Emoji are quite popular in certain countries, and are slowly conquering the rest of the world, but it wouldn't be hard to find that it also suffered from some of society's sexual prejudice. For instance, you could find a policeman emoji but not a policewoman, and while most jobs would be available only with male figures, females would be relegated to being a hairdresser, princess or bride.

But now the Unicode Consortium approved 11 new emoji proposed by Google representing different activities, and where you'll be able to freely choose a male or female - as well as the skin tone.
Besides the 11 emoji, the male/female option will also be applied to 33 previously existing emoji, which should help in transmitting precisely what you want to express when using emoji; and no longer being forced to use a male figure to talk about a female, or vice-versa.

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