Friday, July 8, 2016

Remumber helps kids memorize parent's phone numbers

Smartphones and cellphones have relieved us from memorizing phone numbers, but there are a few exceptions where you'll still want to do so; for instance, for kids to remember their parents number. That's where Remumber comes in, helping remembering it.

Some older folks will still remember the time where it was common to know by heart several phone numbers (like home, parent's work place, friend's houses, etc.) as well as carrying a list of phone numbers in your wallet. As technology evolved we relied less and less on the older methods, to the point where most people today may not even know their own phone number. However, it's still advisable to know at least a number...

The Remumber app, promoted by Missing Children Europe turns remembering a phone number into a game; and hopes this will help kids memorize their parent's phone number for emergency purposes. After all, it isn't that far-fetched to imagine a situation where they might have their smartphone stolen, or dropping it to the ground and crashing it, or any number of situations where they might be left with nothing but their own memory to try and reach you.

In fact...  can imagine this app to be helpful to adults alike, considering most of them have long since relied on their smartphones as well and stopped memorizing phone number (though they'll probably still remember their home's phone number, from back when they were kids. :)

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