Saturday, July 9, 2016

The best optical illusions of 2016

What we see isn't always what we get when we're talking about optical illusions. In fact, what we "see" might not even be what we're actually looking at. And this year's top optical illusions will, as always, make us wonder about our own perception of the world.

The 3 top illusions of the Illusion of the Year competition for 2016 are completely different, but are sure to keep you looking over and over again. The first one tricks our motion recognition into seeing movement that isn't actually there.

While the first one is impressive, the second one is a lot more mesmerizing and will "blow your mind", as it presents us a set of objects that look to be square in shape but show up as circular on a mirror - and vice-versa!

In third comes a silhouette zoetrope, that combines several tricks to make us see an animation that "doesn't exist".

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