Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Apple replaces gun emoji with squirt toy gun

It's amazing (not in the good sense) to see how companies try to close their eyes to reality, and one such example comes from Apple, which will replace the "menacing" gun emoji with a toy gun in the upcoming iOS 10.

Apple seems to think all the gun issues will be miraculously solved by simply not speaking about it when using emoji (it also vetted the inclusion of a rifle in the emoji set - as if sports marksmen and hunters have no right to express themselves using emoji). Worse still, though keep in mind we're talking about emoji, it furthers reduces the range of things you can use it communicate.

Before, you could use a gun to refer to something like someone being shot, now, the same thing might be interpreted as someone squirting water on another. Which, no matter how you put it, is a slightly different thing.

Well, perhaps Apple is right, and not talking about guns will mean less people will use them (you can bet I wish that to be true - but unfortunately there's little chance for that). More to the point, proving proving this is the completely wrong approach... how can Apple do this to guns but leave these:

Fast food might possibly kill more people than guns each year, why not stop people from talking about it? And those love hotels, how many unfaithful husbands and wives might wreck families and even possibly lead to crimes of passion? And smoking!?! There's no excuse to allow kids talk about it, right?

... You can see where's this heading, right?

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