Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Galaxy Note 7 is slower than last year's iPhone 6S

Samsung's Galaxy Note 7 is its latest and greatest smartphone, with the latest hardware (and best screen ever) but it has also been criticized for not providing the sort of performance you'd expect from a flagship device. Now, a comparison with last year's iPhone 6S shows it even more.

Opening up apps in quick succession, as any other benchmark, is worth what is worth, and that doesn't mean the Note 7 is a bad device. However, it is a perfect legitimate test that shows how it will behave in real world scenarios, where users will frequently run app and jump back and forth between them. The test has a first round where apps are open for the first time, and then the second round, when apps have already been opened up before and potentially still remain in memory.

The iPhone not only beats the Note 7 completely in the first round (1:51 vs 2:49 - nearly 50% more time for the Note 7!) but it does it again on the second round (1:21 vs 2:04), where you'd expect the 4GB RAM of the Note would give it a big advantage over the 2GB of the iPhone 6S.

Having full control over hardware and software, Apple's iOS and iPhone shows once again that hardware specs alone aren't everything, and it's what you're able to do with it that counts. Case in point, besides the need for Samsung/Android to do better, it also shows that even iPhone still have a long way to go. Considering the hardware we have in our smartphone, it's appalling to admit any app to take more than a second to open up - that's what we really need to be heading to, and say goodbye to the "loading..." screens. Opening all these apps should be something done in seconds, not minutes!

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