Thursday, August 25, 2016

Check what Facebook thinks it knows about you

We've recently talk about the things Facebook knows about you or, better said, "thinks it knows" about you. Things you should definitely check, to ensure you won't be facing unwanted ads.

There are things Facebook knows because you tell it (age, sex, schools, etc.) but there are countless more that it infers bases on the pages you visit and the "likes" you click. You can check it all out on the ads preferences page, and you can start by checking the "Lifestyle and culture" section on the "Interests" tab (you may need to select "more" to find it).

That's where you'll probably be surprised by what you find, as you're likely to have religions, political parties, and more, attributed to you even though you have no interest in it whatsoever!

Be sure to check other areas as well, as I had dozens of people I have never heard about in my "People" section (which I promptly removed), but be sure to keep pressing the "more" in the bottom, as Facebook seems to try as hard as it can to make you miss all the things it tries to shove you.

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