Saturday, August 13, 2016

Hackers use hard drive noises as a way to extract information from air gaped computers

In the paranoid world of digital espionage, the holy grail is to be able to infect and extract information from a computer kept disconnected from any network, and now there's a new method to do it using hard drive noises.

We all know any computer connected to a network (let's not even talk about the internet) is a lot more vulnerable than an isolated computer. And although this method pertains only to the extraction of information (meaning it assumes, somehow, you were able to infect it with your malware), its curious enough to be worth mentioning.

Sure, we've already seen some pretty original techniques, like using temperature as communication, but this time things can be faster... using hard drive noise. It's the exact same principle that you've probably already seen applied to creating music using drives, though this time, instead of music, it generates sounds that encode digital data, that will hopefully be picked up by another compromised device in the vicinity.

Put it like this: you now have yet another excuse to upgrade to an SSD! :)

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