Saturday, August 27, 2016

Stolen iPhones might send thieves' fingerprints and photos to the police

Placing a finger on a stolen iPhone might become a risky business should Apple go ahead with the enhanced security system it is thinking about, where it will collect biometric data from people trying to use stolen devices.

Apple has long since taken device security very seriously. First with the Find my iPhone feature that allows legitimate owners to find out where lost or stolen devices are; and then the improved lock system that prevents thieves from using iPhones even if they perform a factory reset - unless you happen to know the legitimate user's password.

But things might get even better/worse in the future, as Apple is considering collecting things like fingerprints and photos of the potential thieves (and I guess, videos and voice recordings as well) which would seriously make anyone think twice before getting close to a stolen iPhone.

This isn't exactly new, as there are already security apps that perform similar things on Android devices. For instance, Cerberus allows you to snap photos of the people trying to unlock your device (after a set number of failed attempts). So, Apple would just be doing the same... and I guess Android would soon follow suite - which would reduce the need for 3rd party apps for these security purposes.

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