Saturday, August 20, 2016

T-Mobile new unlimited plan is more limited than ever

Any hope you might had that any telecom operator might have your best interests at hand is now (once again) shattered, and you need only take a look at what T-Mobile's new "unlimited" data plan has to give, promising to be the data plan to end all data plans but ending up being more limited than ever.

T-Mobile's new unlimited plan will soon be the only data plan available, and if you think $70/month for unlimited data wouldn't be such a bad deal, just wait till you see what that "unlimited" really means. For starters, this unlimited plan has a 26GB limit. Ok, 26GB isn't that bad either, is it? Not unless you want to share your data plan with other devices using it as a hotspot - in this case you'll be limited to using 2G speeds (up to 128kbps - meaning, useless for all intents and purposes, opening a 5MB web page would take nearly a minute!) If you want faster speeds you'll need to pay $15 extra per month.

If you want to watch high quality video I also have some bad news for you. This unlimited plan compresses video down to 480p resolution. If you want HD video... you're right, that's $25 extra per month!

This is exactly the sort of thing net neutrality laws should protect us from, as we're just a step away from service providers to start charging us extra for "privileged acess" to Google, or Facebook, or any other service they decide users will pay to access. We don't want the pay-per-view model to be transported from cable to the internet... but it seems we're getting closer to it by the minute.

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