Friday, August 19, 2016

Uber launches self-driving fleet in Pittsburgh this month

Ford said it would have a ride-hail fleet of driver-less cars by 2021, but Uber has swept in and decided to do it this month... in Pittsburgh.

If you thought driverless cars were still years away from roaming around our streets, Uber has a surprise for you - at least if you happen to be in Pittsburgh. Uber will deploy a fleet of 100 Volvo XC90 that require no driver to move around (though there will be one present, to take over should the need arise.)

If the novelty factor wasn't enough to attract customers, Uber goes one extra step to ensure there will be no lack of demand for these cars: rides will be free until further notice!

Driverless cars will revolutionize our transport system, and Uber reminds us it will allow to drive transportation costs lower than having a personal car (which spends 90% of the time parked somewhere, losing money by the minute.)

I sincerely didn't expect Uber to pull this off so quickly, but I'm happy to see it's doing so - which also means all others must hurry up to follow suit, improving driver-less car's technology.

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