Thursday, August 18, 2016

Google Photos revisits how we deal with photos over the generations

Google Photos has launched a new series of video ads, and one in particular is quite nostalgic, remembering the way generations have dealt with photos over the decades.

Not that very long ago, in our grandparent's time, photographs were reserved just for a handful of special occasions, and that made them easy to manage. In our parent's time, photos became much more popular, and that meant you could now have hundreds of photos, carefully placed in photo albums.

But today... hundreds of photos is the sort of thing you can snap in a couple of hours in your smartphone, and it's highly doubtful most people are willing to manage them all by hand. That's where Google Photos comes in, promising to take care of all the management, while at the same time it keeps them safe and also frees the storage space in the device itself (with unlimited cloud space if you're willing to use slightly compressed photos).

I'm a big fan of Google Photos, and I love that it automatically creates short movies based on the hundreds of photos and videos you shot during a trip or day off. And the fact that it regularly reminds of what you were doing that same day years ago isn't that bad either. If you haven't tried it yet, I highly recommend you do.

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