Wednesday, August 17, 2016

TiVo terminates lifetime for Series 1 DVRs

Offering "lifetime" services is great to attract new customers. The problem is keeping the promise... as TiVo Series 1 owners will now find out.

First generation TiVos might be considered obsolete by now (keep in mind we're talking about 16 year old devices) but there are still a few thousand people happily using them. But that will soon come to an end, as the next update won't bring the TV guide data to them, which means they'll not be able to record any new programs.

The problem is that some of these users were lifetime subscribers, that paid $300 upfront so they wouldn't have to pay any monthly fees - and although you may feel they got their money's worth after 15+ years of use, the thing is... 15 years isn't exactly the "lifetime" they'd be expecting.

At least they'll still be able to use their TiVos to watch the content they had already recorded. But in any case, just as those hidden limits on "unlimited" data connection, we shouldn't really put much trust into any service promising "lifetime" access.

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