Thursday, September 22, 2016

Amazon ends Unlimited Photos cloud storage for the public - now a Amazon Prime exclusive

If you though having unlimited cloud storage for your photos for just $11.99 per year was too good to be true, it seems Amazon thinks the same, as it has terminated this option for the public and made it a Amazon Prime exclusive.

Early last year we talked about the unlimited cloud storage options at Amazon, and its Unlimited Photo, at just $11.99 per year was really a no-brainer. Photos are among our most precious digital assets, and can easily eat up dozens or hundreds of gigabytes. Unless you're willing to accept added compression and resizing and go the Google Photos route, there aren't many affordable options for unlimited cloud storage... So, Amazon's $11.99 deal was a steal.

That's most likely why it decided to shut it down:

Current users are being directed to the more expensive $59.99 por year unlimited plan, which caters for all sorts of files and not only photo, and given a 3 month trial to evaluate it. And regardless of it still being a good deal (I'm actually using it) it still represents a hefty price hike for users that were satisfied with the $11.99 option.

Well.. the unlimited photo cloud storage is still available...but is now a Amazon Prime exclusive. But the worst part of it all is be reminded that Amazon can change its mind at any time. Today it's pushing customers to the more expensive plan... Who's to tell us that, a year from now, it won't change the rules of the game once again and decide that the unlimited plan will have limits, and charge extra for people using more than they consider acceptable?

... Guess you can't really rely on cloud storage as much as you'd hope, not even when it comes from a company you'd hope to trust.

P.S. - Funny enough, Amazon sent the email on the 22nd, stating the service would not be available since 3 days prior...

Update: contrary to what is said on the email, it seems Amazon is offering a 1-year free Unlimited Everything plan to existing users. That would certainly ease things up a bit...

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