Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Google Allo now available for Android and iOS

After the videocalling Duo app it's now time for the brand new messaging Allo app to finally launch for Android and iOS.

There's no shortage of messaging apps out there, including Google's own and highly versatile Hangouts, but Google hopes its Allo will be able to squeeze its way into the segment. Having the Google brand helps, but that alone isn't enough (just look at what happened to Google+, even though Google pushed as hard as it could to try and make it a success).

The things Google showcases for Allo are nothing new for WhatsApp, Messenger (and even the new iMessage on iOS 10) user, with things like stickers, inking, message effects; as well as a couple more unique things, like smart replies and Google Assistant.
With Google Assistant, the ideia is to have the full power of Google withing reach at any give time, but as it currently stands it only serves to show that it still needs a lot of work. If you stray a bit too far (which doesn't take much) you'll be finding yourself thrown to the browser, which defeats the purpose of searching for the info inside the messaging app.

Privacy fans also won't like to see Google go back on its word. Allo will store its messages after all unless you use the private mode or delete it by hand. It now says it need to do so in order to "learn from your conversations" to power the smart replies feature.

Well, just give it a try... but, just like Duo, I don't think Allo has what it takes to steal users from WhatsApp and Facebook Messanger (and Hangouts). As least not yet...

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