Tuesday, September 20, 2016

SanDisk unveils 1TB SDXC memory card

The need for digital storage doesn't stop, and SanDisk is well aware of it, readying the largest SD memory card ever, with 1TB.

It's amazing how things progress. Just a "few" years ago we would look in awe at the expansive (and expensive) 256MB memory cards, dreaming someday we might, somehow, have a 1GB card at affordable prices. That day has come and gone, as we can now find 64GB SD cards for about $15, but don't think that's the end of it.

SanDisk is already working on bringing a 1TB SDXC card to market, which will come in handy for Ultra HD 4K video recording, 360º VR video, and even the 8K video that should pop up in the coming years (Panasonic recently announced it hope to have a 8K ready camera available for Tokyo's Olympics in 2020). Not too shabby considering just 16 years ago SanDisk was introduzing its first 64MB card... (this 1TB card has 16,384 times more capacity!)

There's no release date nor price, but considering the current 512GB SD card costs about $350, we can expect the 1TB version to cost at least $700. But fret now... just keep in mind that by 2032 we should be looking back and laughing about the time we only had 1TB cards.... :)

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