Monday, September 19, 2016

iPhone 7 is hissing under heavy load

Every new iPhone launch is usually accompanied by some sort of issue, and after the "bendgate" we seem to now be facing a "hissing-gate", as there are reports of hissing and overheating iPhones when running intensive apps.

While the overheating part is worrisome, the most curious problem is the hissing Phones, which in some cases makes people think if somewhere inside the iPhone body there's a hidden fan.

Though some are quick to point out that electronic devices can create noise under load, and that it's completely normal, there are reports that claim that some iPhone 7's are hissing above and beyong what could be acceptable. As always, the key point is finding out just how widespread this is, and if it is in fact a "problem", or just a small subset of devices suffering from an anomalous problem. Even with quality control, it's not hard to believe that there will be some issues in some of the millions of devices being shipped.

... In any case, the last thing Apple would need is to face some sort of complete and total recall, like Samsung is currently facing with its new Galaxy Note 7.

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