Saturday, September 17, 2016

USB Killer is already being sold and will destroy nearly everything with a USB port

If you thought the worse that could happen when you plug in a USB pen into your computer was to risk a virus infection, you'll now have to take even greater precautions, as it might completely fry your computer (or any other device).

We got to know the USB Killer last year, but at the time it was simply a prototype, looking like a regular USB pen drive, but zapping the USB port with hundreds of volts and frying the USB port and, most of the time, the entire computer. Now it becomes commercially available for just 50€, which makes it a real threat to any and all public devices with accessible USB ports.

The USB Killer is sold as a "test device", and you can also get a protection USB dongle that ensures no harm will be done to your loved USB ports.

Though it's unlikely most people will have to worry about this sort of device, it's quite different for anyone responsible for publicly accessible machines with USB ports, like photo booths, public charging spots, multimedia kiosks and the like - as those are prime targets for anyone thinking it will be "funny" to fry hundreds or thousands of dollars in hardware. Let's hope it doesn't become a trend...

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