Friday, September 16, 2016

Grammar sticker pack for iMessage is a must for grammar-nazis

While Apple is apparently trying to track down and block all porn GIFs you might come across in iMessage GIF search (good luck with that), there's a sticker pack that will surely make you love this new iMessage ability.

The Grammer Snob sticker pack is perfect for everyone tired of dealing with grammar murdering friends' messages. With it you'll be just a few taps and drags away from silently but noticeably correcting them in a very visual way.

Tired of facing "your/you're" "were/we're" "lose/loose"? This sticker pack has you covered, with lots more stickers that will make English teachers wish they could use it while reading student's papers, including not only correct words but all sorts of scribbles you'll be able to put on top of the offending messages.

Sadly, it's not a free sticker pack. But I think $0.99 is a very small price to pay for the priceless expression your grammar corrections will put in your friends faces - even if you may not be around at the moment to see it.

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