Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Google is readying a Nexus 7 successor made by Huawei?

Besides the new "Nexus" smartphones (which will likely adopt the "Pixel" brand name) it looks like Google has a surprise in store for its October 4th event: a new 7" Android tablet made by Huawei.

Google has had a mixed track record in regards to tablets. It pushed the field with two Nexus 7 generations that became the first tablets for countless people (myself included); but then it seems to have forgotten it - as well as the Nexus 10. And the latest Nexus 9 is far from achieving the same sort of success of those older generations. Something that may change soon, as it seems Google is about to unveil a Nexus 7 successor, with 4GB RAM, made by Huawei.

This would help explain why Huawei said it was working on a Nexus device for this year (the new Google smartphones are HTC devices); and it sure would be highly appreciated by all that are still using their Nexus 7, waiting for Google to launch a suitable replacement.

Now we just have to hope Google/Huawei don't forget one of the issues that made the Nexus 7 a success: it's highly competitive price. If they do, we can already see how things will happen: they'll launch an overly expensive 7" tablet, sales will be lousy, within a couple of months the device will see a price reduction, to the level it should have had from the start, angering all those that have paid the more expensive price. We've seen that happen ever since Google stopped pricing its Nexus devices right (after the Nexus 5), so... let's hope they've learned their lesson by now.

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