Monday, September 5, 2016

iPhone 7 latest rumors point to 2.4GHz A10 SoC and back to black

Apple will present its new iPhone 7 next Wednesday, and although it won't have a radical new design, there are lots of improvements Apple hopes will be enough to make users go for their wallets.

As this years iPhone will look roughly the same as the iPhone 6/6S from the last couple of years (the antenna lines in the back will be better disguised) Apple needs other attributes to attract customers, and they seem to have plenty.

The iPhone 7 will once again be available in black, and it two versions: a glossy piano black and a dark black. It seems we're back to the time of the dark iPhone 5 (one of the best looking iPhones if you ask me); though the piano black version may be available just in more expensive versions.

Speaking of versions, it seems Apple is finally ready to ditch the lowly 16GB version - and the 64GB as well. Now we should get a new line up consisting of 32GB, 128GB and 256GB. Its performance should also face a new big bump, using a A10 at 2.4GHz, and while we'll have to wait one more year to get an OLED screen, this year's LCD should also have a wider color gamut.

For the cameras, it's almost certain the iPhone 7 Plus will use two cameras on the back, with a wide angle lens and telephoto lens, and that may explain why we may see this version bumped to 3GB of RAM, in order to help the image processing requirements to mix these two images into a single high-quality one (the LED flash might also double to 4 LEDs).

Last but not least, with the headphonejack gone, we'll get lightning and wireless EarPods; and the home button might be giving way to a 3D touch sensing button (which might be a stepping stone to ditch the button completely on the next iPhone).

... We'll know soon enough, on the 7th.

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