Friday, September 9, 2016

How to charge the iPhone 7 while using lightning headphones

Apple has ditched the traditional headphone jack in its latest iPhone 7 devices, and in the process it forgot the scenario where customers might want to listen to music on their lightning EarPods while recharging their iPhones.

That's precisely what a fan asked Phil Schiller, and his answer doesn't quite cut it. He begins by saying that the best way to enjoy music is using the wireless AirPods (read: not available yet; damn expensive; more stuff to recharge each day; etc.) and then proceeds to direct him to the Apple's Lighthing Dock da Apple for $49.

The thing is... this dock doesn't allow you to recharge your iPhone while using lightning earphones. In fact, it uses the "obsolete" analog audio jack that Apple is so adamant on getting rid of! So, for Apple, it simply makes no sense for anyone to want to hear music on lightning earphones/headphones while charging the iPhone.

Thankfully, other brands have jumped in on the opportunity, and Belkin has already announced the Lightning Audio + Charge RockStar (as seen on the first image), that basically is awkward dongle that duplicates the number of lightning ports, allowing you to use a charger as well as lightning earphones/headphones.

... Hopefully Apple will fix this next year... by finally adding wireless charging to the iPhone.

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