Friday, October 7, 2016

Oculus Santa Cruz gets rid of wires and PCs

The Oculus can be frequentely mentioned as the reference platform for VR, but we have to keep in mind it's still a "first generation" product. The future is far better, as its own Santa Cruz VR glasses prototype reveals.

The Oculus Rift were a huge success (Facebook bought Oculus didn't they) but it's struggling to catch competitors like HTC Vive, now owrrying about hand tracking and room-scale VR and the like. But even so, there's one annoying aspect of it: the cables tethering you to a PC.

That's where the Santa Cruz glasses com in. These VR glasses are completely self contained. So, no need for bulky cables hanging around from your VR set and tangling up your movements; no need for a (powerful) PC; no need for a smartphone placed in front of your eyes; not even the need for cameras or beacons placed around the room in order to track yous position. It's really a "plug and play" VR set you can take anywhere and use anywhere...

At least that's the idea, someday, when it's ready. At the moment it's a very early prototype with all the wires showing (they don't even allow you to snap photos of it). Let's hope it might be able to use those 1000ppi VR screens when they finally arrive.

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