Friday, October 14, 2016

Pluto TV wants to be the biggest free TV service on the internet

The internet provides so many ways to watch video content that some people start considering if they need to subscribe for a TV service. This Pluto TV wants to make that decision even easier, as it provides you countless "TV channels" for free.

Instead of following the on-demand trend, Pluto TV replicates the exact same concept of traditional TV. You get a large selection of channels of themes as varied as comedy, drama, news, music, etc. and you can tune in and watch any of it at any time (though you can't choose what to watch - just like on regular TV channels).

The best part is that it's all completely legal and free, and Pluto TV is available on nearly every platform you might have heard of, including Android, iOS, Apple TV, and even Smart TVs. But to check it out you don't even have to install it, as you can also watch it on the web.


  1. But the clips are hosted by youtube, so this is just a lineup of youtube clips :p

    1. Yes, but it's not about the "distribution medium" but how the content is presented to the user. I bet lots of folks will be more comfortable using Pluto's interface to find things to see than perusing YouTube directly.

      (Not to mention it can show content from various other video platforms without having the user hopping around.)


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