Thursday, October 13, 2016

Google Photos assistant can now rotate your photos straight

Google Photos' assistant is one of the best inventions ever and now it can even straighten up your sideways and upside-down photos.

There are basically two kinds of people: those that carefully and methodically organize and tag their photos... and the rest - like me - that postpone that task to... whenever. Thankfully Google stepped in and took care of things for us, as we can now simply snap photos away and let Google Photos do all the work.

Besides the usual auto-organization, the Google Photos assistant has learned some new tricks.

If you still have sideways photos in your library, you'll be pleased to know that Google Photos will now detect and suggest the right orientation (I found I still had a few dozen photos sideways, and it was all fixed with a single click).

Then, there's new best photo suggestions for recent photos; and it will also show you "memories" of the people you most recently shot photos with.

Last but not least, the animation feature, that used to be based on similar sets of photos can now work its magic for videos as well.

... And the best part, as always, is that you won't have to do a thing to benefit from it all. :)

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