Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Samsung still can't explain why the Note 7 is exploding

The fallout of the Galaxy Note 7 cancellation is sure to last for many months (years even) but there's also the need to understand what really happened; and that seems harder to figure out, as not even Samsung's engineers have figured it out... with some saying it might not even have to do with the batteries.

The Galaxy Note 7 launch, recall and termination is one of the biggest tech blunders of all times (and probably the most costly so far) and will affect Samsung's reputation in years to come. But it also doesn't help that they can't figure out why the Galaxy Note 7 is blowing up.

Samsung has hundred os engineers working on the issue, but they haven't been able to replicate the issue so far; and the fact that even the replacement units, with completely different batteries, are still blowing up, some suspect the problem won't be the batteries but "some other thing".

In any case, even if we're talking about 0.0001% chance, that means hundreds of people (among millions) will have to face things like this:

... And it's not hard to say that, even though any lithium battery might explode (like that damaged iPhone 7) people expect that the chance of that happening is practically impossible...

Well, maybe that's the "good thing" this incident will bring us: remind people of the potential risks of current lithium batteries, and promote the development of safer and better ones.

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