Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Samsung terminates Galaxy Note 7 production

Looks like Samsung has finally acknowledged that the Galaxy Note 7 reputation is beyond repair and that the latest "incident" where one of its representatives was caught trying to hide a new explosion report was the final straw.

It's hard to believe that one of the worlds largest tech manufacturers would launch a seriously flawed flagship device, and it would be even harder to believe that, after and embarrassing worldwide recall, the replacement unit were still affected by the same problem. But that's precisely what happened with the much awaited Galaxy Note 7, and now there's little chance for it to regain the consumer's trust.

Who would, in their right mind, accept to sleep with a Galaxy Note 7 under the same roof as their children and loved ones; knowing that there's a chance it might explode or spontaneously burn and spew toxic fumes everywhere? Just like we had said, Samsung has no chance but to cancel the Galaxy Note 7 altogether and start thinking on how it will recover the market trust for its next launches (as you can bet this problem will linger on for quite some time).

It's sad, as the Note 7 was indeed an excellent device... but it will now become a case study for rushed product launches becoming absolute disasters.

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