Monday, November 7, 2016

Apple cuts UltraFine monitor prices (as well as dongles)

Apple has presented us new 4K and 5K monitors (by LG) to join its new MacBook Pro models, and now it surprises users with an unexpected price drop.

Instead of a much awaited Cinema Display refresh, Apple decided to use LG's new UltraFine 4K (21.5" - 4096x2304 pixels) and 5K (27" - 5120x2880 pixels) screens. These monitors had a launch price of $699.95 and $1299.95, but are now available for $524 and $974 - which represents a $175 and $3265 price cut.

One of the advantages of these monitors, besides its resolution (keep in mind the 4K screen is a "real" 4K, with 4096px width, not the usual 3840 pixels) it's that they're both Thunderbolt screens, meaning you'll need only a single USB-C cable to connect them to your new MacBook and have the video and power flowing over the same cable. The smaller screen can provide up to 60W of power, the larger can provide up to 85W. You also get 3 USB-C extra ports, speakers, and an integrated webcam.

Apple has also cut the price for the adapter dongles in response to the critics made over its decision to use only Thunderbolt 3/USB Type-C ports in the new MacBooks; in some cases cutting the price by half.

Considering Apple isn't usually associated with price drops, and insists the new MacBooks are selling at record levels, one can't stop but wonder why is Apple dropping these prices. But in any case, customers will certainly appreciate it, and those UltraFine monitors certainly are a lot more attractive at these new price points... So grab them while it lasts.

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