Friday, November 18, 2016

Apple launches "Touch Disease" repair program for iPhone 6 Plus

Apple has finally acknowledged the "touch disease" problem in the iPhone 6 Plus that has been plaguing a growing number of users; though it will charge $149 to fix what ends up being a symptom of the structural defect that accounted for the bendgate issue.

The iPhone 6 Plus has faced an abnormal number of complaints regarding unresponsive touchscreens and even lines showing up on screen. It's a problem related with the touchscreen controller chip, but the root of the issue can be traced back to the bendgate issue, as this is caused by the physical bend stress actuating on the logic board inside.

Though Apple never really acknowledged bendgate as an issue, the fact is that the following iPhone had a much stronger structural integrity; and now, this iPhone 6 Plus multitouch repair program is as close as Apple comes to recognizing the problem - though it expressly states that these issues are caused "after being dropped multiple times on a hard surface and then incurring further stress on the device"... though in reality it can be caused by something as plain as carrying your iPhone 6 Plus in a tight back pocket.

Anyway, $149 sure is a better deal than tossing an unusable iPhone 6 Plus aside. And should you have repaired your iPhone 6 Plus already, you might get a refund.

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