Thursday, November 17, 2016

Workflow for iOS is now easier to use

If there's an app that's hard to quantify and explain, it's certainly Workflow for iOS. It's not easy to comprehend all the things it can do, and that's precisely why its latest update tries to make it easier for new users to get to know its potential.

You can consider Workflow to be somewhat of a mix between Android's Tasker and IFTTT (being more powerful in some ways, and less so in others). Basically, it's a swiss army knife for all your digital needs, and it can be used to automate tasks that could take hours to do manually into a single press of a button.

It can grab photos from a web page, it can create animated GIFs, it can send emails and post to social networks, it can adjust your iPhone settings, it can create share extensions that will show up in iOS share panel, and more complex scripts will continuously push the boundaries of what you think it could do (for instance, you could make one that grabs a web page, translates it to a language of your choosing, creates a PDF of it and sends it to a Dropbox folder). Now, instead of throwing users into a "blank slate", it comes with a much nicer tutorial that will help users have a better sense of its capabilities, also suggesting some actions that might be useful to you. Afterwards, the worflow gallery has also been revamped and is now organized in much easier to understand categories that should help speed up the process of finding what you're looking for,

The only thing is, Workflow costs $2.99 in the App Store, but you can bet it's one of those apps that, no matter the cost, it's definitely worth it.

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