Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Apple releases $299 self-indulging photo book

There a new thing in Apple portfolio, and this time it's not a gadget but a book. A book that will be praised by fans and seen as a futile exercise in vanity by everyone else, putting to the test just how much you're willing to spend in "any thing" Apple decides to throw at you.

The "Designed by Apple in California" is a book with 450 photos showcasing the design of its products spanning the past 20 years.

If no one can deny Apple does indeed deserve credit for being one of the brands that takes extra care with the design of its product (or at least it used to - as one can't stop but wonder what they were thinking of when you try and recharge its latest wireless mouses or Apple Pencil); on the other hand this self-promoting might feel a bit excessive, to the point that it's even dedicated to Steve Jobs' memory.

Should you want one, better be willing to spend $299 for the 13x16.25" edition, or save $100 and grab the smaller 10.20x 12.75" book for $199. And you better hurry, as I suspect these will quickly fly off the shelves.

... And if you're thinking it's insane to pay $299 for a book... keep in mind it's highly likely these books will be worth several times that a few years from now, when it becomes a collector's item. By then you'll probably be wishing you had bought a couple of them or more... (or maybe they'll be just worthless junk, who knows? :)

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