Thursday, November 3, 2016

Loupedeck puts total Lightroom control at your fingertips

If you spend your days tinkering away in Adobe's Lightroom, you'll want to check this Loupedeck controller that adds a range of physical buttons that will speed up your editing skills considerably.

Computer keyboards may be fine for typing, but there are far better ways to do things like scrolling or adjusting values on screen. And that's precisely where Loupdeck comes in, providing dozens of physical controller buttons, like sliders and rotary knobs.

Sure, there are lots of advanced users that are already relying on musical controller pads for this sort of thing, but the Loupdeck has the advantage of being made precisely with this task in mind, instead of forcing you to use a generic controller that may have some of the things you need but not all, or too much of some controls but not the others. Besides, nothing stops you from using the Loupedeck with other programs, like video editing suites, 3D modelling programs, or even games.

Loupedeck starts at 229 euros and it should be ready by June 2017 (but keep in mind it's a crowdfunding project, so... proceed at your own risk.)

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