Friday, December 23, 2016

Google Drive gets price cuts for yearly subscriptions

With the ever increasing internet access speeds, using the cloud for storage is becoming a lot more appealing, and Google lends a hand be offering a nice discount for those willing to pay for Google Drive one year at a time.

In Google Drive we have options that range from the 15GB of free space, up to 30TB for $299.99/month. However, it's the 100GB and 1TB that will likely be of interest to most people, and its precisely those that have received a new yearly subscription option with 16% and 17% savings.

Usually, you'd have to pay $1.99/month to get 100GB of Google Drive space, but now you can choose to pay $19.99/year which amounts to getting roughly two months for free. The same happens with the 1TB option, where you can pay $99.99/year instead of $9.99/month, also equivalent of getting nearly 2 months for free.

Sadly - but understandably - there are no yearly option for the higher tiers. Probably because most people would shy away from paying $999.99/year upfront for 10TB of cloud space; or maybe just because Google doesn't want to offer discounts for people using 10, 20 our 30TB of their cloud storage. Anyway, for most people the 100GB and 1TB will be more than enough, and keep in mind you can use Google Photos to store unlimited photos and videos and not worry about it eating up your precious cloud space.

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