Tuesday, December 27, 2016

G.Skill adds programmable RGB effects to DDR4 modules

Computer components with LED lighting allow anyone to create amazing machines that are a wonder to behold (and promote the use of transparent cases to exhibit it in its full glory) and G.Skill now pushes things to the next level with programmable RGB light bars in the DDR memory modules.

G.Skill expands its Trident Z family of DDR4 modules with the Trident Z RGB. These modules come with speeds up to DDR4-4266, with aluminum heat sinks and LED light bars on top, capable of showing countless colors and light effects.

By default the modules will display a rainbow wave effect, but it's up to each user to select which colors and effect he wants to show in his/her PC. Sadly, there's no explanation on how the the communication with the LED bars is made, so it is not known if G.Skill will be using some of the pins reserved for future expansion in the DDR4 modules, or some unused power pins (or even rely on some "cheating" using special sequences of memory addressing).

It is something that should soon be clarified, as these DDR4 modules should be available next month.

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