Wednesday, December 28, 2016

HandBrake finally reaches version 1.0.0

After more than a decade, the popular video transcoding tool HandBrake reaches the 1.0.0 stable version, and becomes more powerful than ever.

Whenever someone asks how they can encode a DVD or any sort of video to use less space on their computers, or simply because they want to convert some videos to watch on their smartphones while saving space, HandBrake is the answer.

HandBrake can create mp4 or mkv video files using the latest and most powerful codecs, including H.265/HEVC and VP9, which will ensure the best quality with reduced file sizes. Now, after 13 years in development, it finally gets to version 1.0.0 (which doesn't bode well should you want to wait for version 2.0.0. :)

In this new version we get a lot of new encoding presets that ease up the process of encoding video for specific purposes (like YouTube, smartphones, etc.); it can use the hardware accelerated encoding QuickSync on Intel Skylake CPUs; faster encoding; better sync of audio/video; and lots more. Unfortunately,. some thing have also been dropped, like DirectX Video Acceleration (DVXA) which apparently was causing some issues.

It's open source and free... so, just give it a try, and it's highly likely you won't need any other video encoding tool ever again.

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